Phillipe Augustine
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Appearance(s) Oublie Cathedral
Location(s) Oublie Cathedral

Phillipe Augustine, allegedly a high-ranking member of the Inquisition in Amiens, France, appears in Paul Luther's chapter in 1485 AD. Secretly Pious Augustus in disguise, he and several monks arranged the Oublie Cathedral to be used as a sacrificial area for would-be pilgrimages, and as bait also spread the heresy of the Hand of Jude relic. However, he underestimated one of the pilgrimage members, Brother Andrew, who had become suspicious of their overall actions and ceremonial preparations, and uncovered that the Hand of Jude was in fact a heresy, with the cathedral being used as a pagan worship place for one of the Ancients. Because of this, Augustine and his followers had him killed, and deliberately left him nearby in the main chapel for the next pilgrimage to arrive, Paul Luther, to find him and thus frame him for murder. They also suspected the Custodian's involvement in Andrew's investigation, and placed a sacrificial dagger underneath his pillow in the morning Paul Luther arrived. Eventually, Phillipe Augustine revealed himself to be a follower of the ancient to Paul Luther, and intended to leave him to be killed by Bonethieves. Brother Luther, stopping them, followed him to the place where a relic of one of the Ancients was stored, based on the comments of one of the monks. However, upon the Black Guardian arriving, Phillipe Augustine shed his identity and revealed himself to be Pious Augustus, resulting in Luther's death at the hands of the Black Guardian.


  • Phillipe Augustine resembles the character Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Coincidentally, both characters were also heavily involved in evil cults and were masters at deception, and also were public aliases for the main villain of their respective franchises.
  • Phillipe Augustine has some comparisons to Judge Claude Frollo from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Both of them commit horrific atrocities while masquerading as men of God. The main difference is that Augustine was fully aware he was not actually serving God, while Frollo did initially believe he was following God's will, although by the end he is just as evil as Augustine.
  • Ironically, both in terms of gameplay order and chronological order, Phillipe Augustine's role in the chapter had him masquerading as a man of God, yet, in the succeeding chapter gameplay-wise, yet the immediately preceding chapter chronology-wise, the warlord, also a disguise for Pious Augustus, had him describing himself as "the scourge of God" in the ending of said chapter.

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